Carl Peterson – GM of the Philadelphia Stars

Peterson says that Jim Mora thought Sam Mills was too short for the NFL

Peterson and owner Myles Tanenbaum

Carl Peterson and owner Myles Tanenbaum

When Lamar Hunt hired Carl Peterson in January of 1989, Carl saw the AFL trophy in the Chiefs’ offices at Arrowhead. Peterson asked Hunt if he could bring his USFL championship trophy there as well. Hunt said, “I know something about being part of a rebel league. I started one myself.”

The USFL trophy has been sitting in Arrowhead Stadium since  Peterson arrived as the general manager 17 years ago.

Peterson was the player-personnel director for the Eagles from 1977 through 1982 when he got the chance to be the general manager of the USFL’s Stars.  The Eagles were only two years removed from playing in the Super Bowl against the Raiders, when head coach Dick Vermeil urged Peterson to take the job with the fledgling league.

Stars beat the Generals twice in the playoffs

After eight years with the Eagles, Peterson made the jump to the Stars. “It forced me to get in the totality of the NFL –marketing, tickets, sales and more,” says Peterson from his home in Kansas City, MO., in May 2006. “We just lost to the Giants in the playoffs, and I went on vacation when Dick [Vermeil] called me about this new league. I didn’t want to leave the Eagles; things were going very well. But Vermeil said they were talking big numbers and big responsibility. They offered me 10 percent ownership, and the title of president and general manager.

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